About Roban Rush

Roban Rush Oleochemicals Sdn.Bhd started in the early 2011, In Palm Oleochemicals Exports basic Oleochemicals and Palm Oleochemicals derivatives, as well export of palm oil and palm oil derived products.

Roban Rush Oleochemicals Sdn.Bhd is the well experienced vegetable palm oil based Oleochemical exporter in South East Asia, Our Group of company is established by the professional and very dedicated business people and representing many countries as their agent to exports.

Palm Oleochemicals From Tropical Island Of Malayisa - Malaysia is the world's leading Oleochemical producer and exporter of highest quality Palm Oleochemicals and Palm Oil products, Oleochemicals produced in Malaysia have capture 52% of the world market and consist of amongst them.

Core Business Activitis In the Oleochemicals field Our company focuses its interests mainly on Refined Glycerine, Soap Noodles, Fatty Acids, Fatty Alcohols , Methyl Esters, Palm Oil derivatives and it’s a basic raw materials to various industries specializing Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Care Chemical washing agents, and household cleaning agents as well varnishes, paints, lubricants, Agro Chemical and Nutritional Animal Feed.

Products derived from Vegetable based palm Oleochemicals are more readily biodegradable and hence do not pose a threat to the environment. This is because Oleochemicals are derived from renewable resources, as compared to petrochemicals which are obtained from exhaustible or non- renewable petroleum.

Roban Rush Oleochemicals provides greater, even more reliable quality, a range of services augmenting the products supplied in a manner that is of great advantage and satisfaction to customers.

Due to this excellent foundation and trust worthy practices that our range was enlarged product by product from Raw Material to chemicals. We have been aggressively expanding into international markets. And with growing sales in each continent it is our aspiration to establish as quality palm oil and Oleochemicals products exporter from Malaysia. We are committed to quality – we achieve excellent product and process reliability and offer the hard-to-make products for applications where product purity and specification matter most.

Our Strength

Roban Rush Oleochemicals target to listed on Malaysian Palm Oil Board known as MPOB, with the strength of exports Palm oil based Oleochemicals, and specialty chemicals business wings spreads across more than 100 countries, It is our aspiration to establish as quality palm oil and Oleochemicals products exporter from Malaysia.

Roban Rush Oleochemicals comprehensive exports various range of high quality Oleochemicals,Our Manufactures and suppliers all facilities are HACCP, ISO 9001 & Kosher certified.

Extensively developed Palm Oleo Supply and Well structure Management ensures highly efficient shipping, Logistics and Palm Oleo quality and Consistence Supply from Malaysia to Our internal companies as well as for external clients around the globe.